A Guide to
Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife
                    . . . and beyond
In 1996, my book A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife was published. Since then, some locations have become not as active, while I am confident that others need to be added.

Larry Rosenkoetter contacted me and asked if I had ever considered adding an addendum on my website to upgrade the Hotspots listed in my book. I had not. However, I though it was a great idea. Not that, I also thought it would be nice to add new locations.

Everyone is invited to contribute — updates to existing locations, as well as new locations. When making submissions, it would be nice if you could include a photograph when reporting on new locations.

Email your submission to: Weldon Lee

Larry Rosenkoetter     Friday, February 27, 2009

Red Rock Canyon in Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park was a great place for photographing mountain sheep. However, in a visit in September, 2008, I was told that the mountain sheep simply are no longer there in the numbers of the past.
Bob Smith     Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Greater Sage Grouse are easily found at Delaney Butte Lakes SWA west of Walden, enter from the south of the SWA and head for the hill sandwiched between the first two lakes, then look for a brown sign with white binoculars saying Wildlife Viewing Area. Drive in ~75 yards to the railroad ties and park there. The grouse display to the south of your vehicle which you will want to use as a blind. Get there an hour before first light in the sky. 600mm plus 1.4x is good or 500 plus 1.4 will work.

Sharp-tailed Grouse are found on 20 Mile Road about 4.5 miles east of Hayden,CO and 5 miles south. When you see a large power plant take the first road east of the plant and head south on 20 Mile Rd. After crossing under a large series of power lines and passing a small pond on the west side of the road continue another quarter mile and watch for grouse on the small hills to the west of the road as you climb the first hill south of the pond. There is heavy truck and car traffic so make sure your vehicle is off of the road on the very narrow shoulder. 600/4 plus 1.4x or 2x works but a 800/5.6 plus 1.4 would be better as these grouse are smaller than the GSG.

Gunnison Sage Grouse are only accessible at one lek east of Gunnison and north of Hwy 50 on the Waunita Hot Springs road. The site is about 1 mile north of Hwy 50, can't miss it as there is a viewing trailer parked and there are signs telling you to stay in your vehicle. The lek is about a half mile away, so you would need about a 600mm lens plus a 2x and 1.4x to even see them well enough to determine that they are a living thing and not a small bush. They are listed as endangered and as such no one is allowed closer than this. It is not suitable for quality photography. As a birder, you might find it interesting using a scope that is at least 60-80x.

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