Lower 48 Gallery
Mount Evans Wilderness
One-On-One Photo Safari
Image by Bill Linfield
Images by Jack Eichner
Image by Tin Lee
Images by John & Barbara East
Rocky Mountain National Park
One-On-One Photo Safari
Images by Alan Montgomery
Images by Michael Caroff
High Country 4 & 6 Hour Photo Safaris
Rocky Mountain National Park
Images by Jack Eichner
Images by Anita Norris
"We had the best time in Colorado and definitely one of the highlights was our time with you in Rocky Mtn N Park. You looked after us so well and we are very appreciative and grateful for your time. I loved seeing the animals and birds so much, you have such variety there!! And Gordon particularly enjoyed our wonderful breakfast stop!!! It was the BEST!! (also the donuts & coffee too!)"

. . . Anita Norris. Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia

Image by Laura Alton
"I just wanted to . . . thank you for all of your instruction last week. I know we both learned a lot and will be able to use it as we go along."

. . . Laura Alton, Richardson, Texas

Image by Letia Grosser
"Thank you so much for a wonderful day.  I learned a lot from you and had a great time."

. . . Letia Grosser, Pinewood Springs, CO

High Country Wildife Adventure
Images by Craig Malburg
Post PSA Conference Photo Adventure
Images by Elizabeth Pennock
Weldon and Lori,
What a wonderful workshop.  I learned a great deal, had a lot of fun and thank you both for your friendliness and helpfulness.

Here is the poem written especially for the workshop.


                  Colorado, I will be back
                  Its mountains rising high
                  With sky so blue and clouds so white
                  I hate to say goodbye.

                  The meadows in all their glory
                   And wildlife roaming free
                   So whether north, south, east or west
                   It’s beautiful to see.

                  I love the mountains topped with snow
                  The Aspens wrapped in gold
                  And bull elks with their mating call
                  It never will get old.

                                             Elizabeth Pennock
                                             September 27, 2011

                  . . . Elizabeth Pennock, State College, PA

Images by Viola Bebout
Images by George Bebout
Birds of Bosque del Apache Adventure
Images by Charles R. Smith
Image by Ron Hood
Images by Roscoe van Muylwyk
Images by Sam Attal
Birds of South Florida Adventure
Images by. . .

Ron Hood

Colorado Fall Wildlife
Images by Shannon Carr
Images by Marina Scarr
Images by Lillian Polley
Images by Jim Gluckin
Images by Phyllis Hartzell
Image by Ron Hood
High Country Ptarmigan Adventure
Image by Rob Haman
Images by Debbie Barnes
High Country Wildlife Adventure
Image by Rob Haman
The Maine Moose Adventure
Images by Jim Braswell
Images by Ralph Reinhold
Wild Horses of the West Adventure
Images by Karen Voepel
Images by Alice Bauer
Winter Magic & Photoshop
Image by Tim Visser
Yellowstone Winter Wildlife Adventure

          "I just finished culling slides from our Yellowstone trip, which, of all that I have been on the last number of years is without a doubt the most pleasurable and one of the most productive I can remember. Thanks again for working so hard for us and lining up such great shooting buddies. I’ll never forget them."

                                                                                                    . . . Bill Kingsbury, North Dakota

"I really had a wonderful experience with you- it was a great week, full of good information and fun and it gave me the opportunity to combine both winter and wildlife photography in the perfect setting."

                                                                                                    . . . Frank Walsh, Colorado

Images by Charles R. Smith
Images by Frank Walsh
Image by Jeff Billings
Images by Jeff Stoner
Images by Ron Hood
Rocky Mountain National Park
One-On-One Photo Safari
Image by Michael Hendershot
You have to EXPERIENCE IT . . .