In remembrance of Melody . . .
Kendras Joius Melody
May 26, 1994 - July 22, 2005
Melody in Teardrop Arch, Monument Valley, Arizona

Many people became acquainted with Melody during my Wildlife Photography seminars. Attending every out-of-state seminar regardless of the distance from home, she always had a special place near the podium where she patiently waited until intermission to great our guests.

Melody and I often traveled together. On Mount Evans, she would watch mountain goats from the comfort and safety of my Jeep Cherokee as I stood on a nearby hillside, camera in hand. She particularly liked the bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park during the annual rut when they bugled. More than anything, however, she loved going for a walk. We often hiked in the Wild Basin area of Rocky. The moment I would pick up her leash, she would begin running in circles with excitement and anticipation, for she knew that a walk was imminent.

Melody crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, July 22, 2005.


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