Weldon Lee first began conducting workshops locally in Colorado as week-end programs in conjunction with organizations like the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, National Audubon Society, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Thorne Ecological Institute, Barr Lake State Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Aurora Parks & Recreation, City of Boulder Parks & Recreation, Boulder County Parks & Recreation, and Denver Public Schools, to name a few.

Following the success of these programs, Weldon began leading programs independently under the name, Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures. They were conducted mostly in Colorado and consisted of dinner and a classroom session Friday evening, followed by an all-day session on Saturday and concluding around mid-day on Sunday.

These, too, met with success, which eventually led to week-long programs, which ranged further and further away from Colorado to destinations in Nebraska, Utah, New Mexico, and eventually to Florida and the Canadian Rockies.

As the years passed, Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures began expanding into locations in Alaska, Africa and South America, where some programs go for two-weeks, or longer, in length.

Sevaral years ago, Weldon began conducting all-day, indoor wildlife photography seminars, traveling to locations in California, Minnesota, Texas, and of course, in his home state of Colorado.

In addition to receiving invitations to be a keynote speaker, he is frequently asked by camera clubs and other organizations to conduct one of his popular PowerPoint presention.

Recently, Weldon was heard saying, “I feel like I’m just now getting started.”

You have to EXPERIENCE IT . . .