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xxx“Wildlife photography, to me, is so much more than capturing an image. It’s about connecting with my wild brothers and sisters, looking into their eyes and touching their spirit and listening to what they have to say. It’s about moments like these."

- Weldon Lee
Text and Photography by Weldon Lee
This is the definitive book on where, when, and how to photograph wildlife in the Rocky Mountain region - from New Mexico to, and including, British Columbia. Author/wildlife photographer, Weldon Lee, describes the best locations and seasons to photograph wildlife, detailing the habits and habitats of some 60 species of birds and mammals. Includes over 325 photographic HOT SPOTS. More than 140 color photographs of 50 maps illustrate this guide, which is packed with tips and techniques for amateur and professional photographers alike.
Item No. B102xx$14.95
340 pages
ISBN 1-56579-155-X
Photography by Weldon Lee, text by Mary Taylor Gray
If you have been charmed by birds and would like to know more about them, but don't consider yourself a "bird-watcher," then this book is for you. It is designed for families, casual nature lovers, and anyone who enjoys birds and wildlife. Over 105 color photographs.
Item No. B101xx$14.00
163 pages
xxxsoftcoverxxx5 1/2x8 1/2
ISBN 0-87842-281-1
AKA: "Better Beamer"
The Flash X-tender - as fill or main light -  is a MUST with lens 300mm or longer. Weigh-ing less than 3 ounces, the unit folds flat for easy storage. The Flash X-tender increases flash output by a minimum of 2 full stops (3 stops from the flash's 50mm setting.)
(based on our own use and customer feedback)
  • The FX-1 fits Nikon SB-24/28 and Canon 380/430EZ/199d, Minolta 5200/5400, Pentax 5000AF and any flash head with a 1 9/16-inch overall height.
  • The FX-1B fits Nikon's SB-80dx.
  • The FX-2 fits the Canon 540EX, 550EZ, Nikon SB-25/26, Sigma EF500 and any flash with a 1 3/4-inch overall height. Fits flash heads with a 1 3/4-inch overall height. Works with Minolta 5600 HS when Velcro shims are wrapped around the front of the unit.
  • The FX-3 is custom fitted to the Canon EX 580.
  • The FX-4 is custom fitted to Nikon's SB-600, SB-800dx.
  • The FX-5 fits the Canon 430EX.
FX-1 Flash X-tender.....................................$39.95
FX-1B Flash X-tender...................................$39.95
FX-2 Flash X-tender.....................................$39.95
FX-3 Flash X-tender.....................................$39.95
FX-4 Flash X-tender.....................................$39.95
FX-5 Flash X-tender.....................................$39.95
Note: Not recommended for the Nikon SB-50.
Price . . . $24.99
XXX"If you have spent as much time at Bosque waiting for snow geese or cranes to fly, or working elk during the rut in Rocky Mountain National Park, or even photographing Bald Eagles in Alaska's Chilkat Valley as I have, then you know how great it is to have a comfortable place to sit while you wait."
- Weldon Lee
Product Specs:
  • PVC-Backed Water-Resistant Fabric
  • Durable Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. static (sitting)
  • Seat Height: 21"
  • Folded Dimension 15" Long - 4" Wide
  • Product Weight: 26 ounces
  • Seat fabric: Mossy Oak Breakup
All dimensions and weights approximate.
The PackSeat™ weighs in at only 26 ounces! Lighter than all of its competition, the PackSeat folds into a compact package, perfect for stowing in your luggage, with the help from innovative shock-corded legs. The carrying bag always stays attached so you never have to worry about losing it!  
by FM Photography
  • Durable waterproof nylon
  • Removable pouch for holding small items such as batteries, flash cards or film
  • Metal stakes
  • Instant set-up, 30"x30"x30"
  • Folds similar to a reflector
  • Wraps to 12" disc, weighs 1lb. 3oz.
  • Carrying bag included with strap
Price . . . $24.99
It is ideal for giving you a larger work area
and quick access to those needed items.
 Seconds can make the difference in many shooting situations.
Whether you are photographing on a sandy beach
or in a dew drenched field
the ShutterHut will protect your equipment
 and give you a place to work.
by FM Photography
Price . . . $39.95
xxx"All I can say is WOW! The ShutterHat is definitely a winner. It's compact, well made, and a quality product. Plus, the price is right. As a long-time Nikon shooter and wildlife photographer, my lens of choice is the Nikon 80-400mm VR lens. The ShutterHat is the perfect addition and protects not only my lens, but keeps my digital body dry during an Alaskan downpour or winter snowfall in Yellowstone . I'm confident that Canon shooters will share these same sentiments when using the ShutterHat with their 100mm-400mm IS lens."
-- Weldon Lee
xxxThe ShutterHat camera cover keeps your camera dry while allowing easy access to all camera controls, including the lens zoom mechanism. It’s perfect for light rain, snow, and blowing debris. Plus, it’s lightweight, easy to install, and will not blow off.
xxxIt has slots for your camera strap to fit through, which allows proper positioning of the camera when carrying it over your shoulder. An inside pocket hold flash cards, batteries, lens caps, and even Gummy Bears.
xxxMounting your ShutterHat using the rubber mount closest to the edge forms a small brim over the back of your camera providing moderate protection from the elements, and is ideal for hand-held shooting. A second rubber mount allows for more complete protection of the camera back.
Fits lenses up to 8” long.

The Shutter Hat comes with:
Micro Fiber Cloth & Carrying bag with clip

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